Sunday, January 17, 2010

Burn Your Name

Well, it took me nearly forever, but I finally have it. Okay, so the CD came out in November, but since Powderfinger is my favorite band, two months feels like forever. I was all excited when I got some iTunes giftcards for Christmas because I'd been waiting to buy Powderfinger's new CD called Golden Rule. Imagine my disappointment when I got them and realized they hadn't gotten the CD up on the US site yet. It was only on the Aussie site. So, I've been sitting around debating whether to order the CD from Australia. Then yesterday I decided to check again, just to make sure, before buying something else and -- there it was -- whoohoo!

I've blogged about Powderfinger before and posted a few of their videos. Just last October I posted All of the Dreamers from this new CD. I love that song. But this one below is just as good and it's also from the new CD. If you go to YouTube and click on this song, there's a description of what was going on in this video. Apparently, Powderfinger traveled to Thailand to film the video during their Yi Peng Festival, or Festival of Lights. As part of the festival, the people of Thailand launch these personal hot air balloons as a symbol to send all their troubles away. It's a beautiful video. You can read more about the festival here. And in the meantime, here is the clip ...


  1. This band is pretty good. Listened to the video at the end. I have an iTunes card to use as well. I was thinking more along the lines of Regina Spektor. I love her song, "Eet". :)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Those lil air balloons are cool and look neat against the dark sky.
    Great song, too!