Monday, January 11, 2010

Book talk ...

What is it with me and books lately? I keep losing them! This is really unlike me, because I rarely lose things. I'm one of those fanatics that has to have a place for everything. However, last night I picked up my laptop case and found a book I had been missing since July. So, that was where I put The Shack! I knew I had taken it on my trip to California, but I checked all my suitcases. I obviously didn't check my laptop case. Now only if I could find the copy of On The Far Side of the Mountain, which I bought in West Yellowstone this past September. That's the sequel to My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. The boys and I really want to read it. I thought it was in our travel trailer, but I haven't been able to find it. Maybe it fell behind the couch. I'll have to check again. I hate losing things.

I also went through some of my old manuscripts last night. Talk about scattered! I have them on so many different programs. Some are on my old PageMaker program, which I can't even access anymore. Those I have to open up using In-Design and then tweak them to make them right again. Others are in Word, which is where they all should be. It's fun to go back and read them. One of the best advice I ever got as a writer was to set your story aside for awhile and come back to it later. You always see it differently. The more time passes, the more different it looks. I found a few manuscripts I really should toss. Or at the very least, keep the basic idea and start over. I also found a few I'd love to see published, so maybe I can work on revising those. Some of my titles are The 3 Little Squirrels and the Big Bad Turkey, Shaggy Dan, Twilight Visitors, Sara Makes A Difference, and Too Many Worms! Who knows -- maybe someday they'll find their way to publication. Not to mention a 4th Dilly book I'd love to see come to life!

Also on the subject of books -- yesterday Rick helped me set up my website so I can sell my copies of Lemur Troops & Critter Groups using PayPal. I only have a small quantity and I sold 5 of them yesterday. Once my supply runs out, the link on my website will revert back to 4RV Publishing. So, the book can be bought through me for a short time. It's also available through 4RV Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, or can be ordered through any local bookstore. If you'd like an autographed copy from me, order soon because I don't have a lot of books right now. Or, if you've ordered the book somewhere else and would like a signed bookplate, just send me a SASE and I'll send that out to you to stick in your book. Just let me know how you want it signed. That offer is good for A New Job for Dilly as well.

And speaking of Dilly -- I checked this morning and it looks like A New Job for Dilly has squeaked its way up to the #3 spot again. Whoo-hoo! We were at #2, but then fell all the way down to the #5 spot. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far and helped get us back up. If you haven't voted yet, there are 3 days left to do so. The polls end on January 14th. Click here to cast your vote, and thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to do so. I appreciate it. Don't forget you can also vote for my book's wonderful illustrators -- Nikki Shoemaker (Critters) and Lisa Oakman (Dilly) as well as my publisher, 4RV Publishing. Thanks again!


  1. I also have my books on different programs. Nothing like oragnization huh? It's my year year for that, I can feel it. Congrats on Dilly's success!

  2. I'm glad you found your book. Have fun reading the manuscripts as you find them, maybe you'll get another great idea!


  3. I'll be ready when the link on the website goes to 4RV.

  4. Thanks, Vivian. That shouldn't be too far off. My MIL doesn't like to shop online, so she's going to want some copies from me as well.

  5. Losing things . . . just means you have a lot on your mind.

  6. My vote is in there as well.
    I have loads of books too and far too many I think.
    Last year I bought a book on how to improve my memory...but now I don't know where I put it.

  7. Yay - I am one of the 5! Still not here though... darn mail service!